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shoulder straps

We offer you the largest selection of accordion Straps in Germany. You can choose between different manufacturers, materials and designs. Custom-made products are possible on request.

The straps are divided into accordion sizes for your orientation. Please note that the strap length also depends on the size of the player and the position of the suspension on the accordion. A tall player needs e.g. for a 48 bass accordion with belt suspension at the back of the instrument an accordion strap which you find in the catagory of 120 bass. In order to be able to make the right choice immediately, we specify the belt lengths in the longest and shortest setting including the loop. The details "right belt" and "left belt" are based on the player's view. Because of the playing position, the left belt is always slightly shorter than the right belt.
For checking purpose please measure the length of your old straps. If you are doubting about the size you need we are happy to assist you.