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Professional microphone systems for accordion and diatonic folk instruments. Rumberger's systems are professional products of the highest quality. All microphones are designed so that almost nothing has to be changed on the instrument or that all modifications can be undone without damage.
The following acceptance options are available:
Treble (outside) and bass (inside), optional clip-on microphone -> TA3000X
Only treble (outside acceptance) -> TA3000eco
Treble and bass (both inside) -> TA20
In case of a pure interior deceleration like the Rumberger TA20, no intervention is visible from the outside. It is only installed a jack to connect to the public address system. When removing the treble side (TA3000X or TA3000eco), a microphone strip is attached to the top/ grill. For most accordions and accordions, this blends harmoniously into the grill.
What is the difference between the TA3000X, TA3000eco and TA20 microphone systems? An important difference lies in the way of mounting. The TA3000X microphone is mounted on the outside of the grill. The bass microphone is routed through the bellows via a special cable and then connected to the microphone strip on the treble side. The TA3000eco is a pure treble version, which is mounted on the outside of the grill/t top. Advantages of the microphone systems - Absolutely uniform absorption - Suitable for highest sound pressure - Ready for radio operation - Integrated filters (EQ? s) for optimum sound - Extremely powerful bass reduction - Complete freedom of movement on stage - Very low feedback
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