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Musikhaus Hoppe, the specialist for reed instruments. Founded in 1999 as a workshop for accordions / diatonic accordions we are today one of the few in Germany with a wide range of accordions, diatonic accordions, concertina, melodicas and harmonica. Due to the large selection of instruments from different manufacturers that we have in store, you have the opportunity to play the different instruments and compare between the brands. Thus, you will find the optimal instrument for yourself.

When visiting us take some time to browse through our large accordion range or to try out some of the 500 different accessories. This selection of accordion accessories is unique in Germany. In 2003 we made our master in accordion construction and since 2009 we are approved expert for reed instruments. As master in accordion construction the focus of our activities is in sales and service around the accordion. Repairs are carried out personally in our workshop. In 2005 our music school "Unisono" was founded and since then offers music lessons for children and adults. In our online shop you can order since 2012 all accessories for accordion, harmonica and melodica. Since 2015, we have been training in accordion construction.